It's your birthday ? Come celebrate it with your friends and have fun like you’ve never got before! Laughter and fun guaranteed to make this day unforgettable. Our gift: your free entry to the park that day!

    In the program : 

    The COOL Birthday, 100% tree climbing (from 3 years old) enjoying the journey for a period of 3 hours !! A lot of ziplines are waiting you to geat a great bowl of fun

    The TOP Birthday with tree climbing and playful climbing, enough to challenge your friends by doing tricks on the zip lines or by climbing as high as possible on our fun climbing modules!

    The INTENSE Birthday (5h of activity)  featuring tree climbing, playful climbing, the big jump (Allowed between 25kg and 120kg) and summer tubing. A day rich in sensations and emotions!

    The NATURAL ESCAPE GAME Birthday (2h long, from 8 years old, with an adult and 6 childrens maximum) : In the shoes of apprentice sorcerers or knights ... go on an adventure, solve evil puzzles, use secret clues, mysterious objects ... and find treasures!

    At your disposal free of charge to enjoy the afternoon tea you bring: numerous wooden picnic tables in the shade or under a barnum ... Contact us for any reservation.

    To celebrate another event because all occasions are good, do not hesitate to contact us, we will accommodate all your requests!

    • Free entry for the concerned children !
    • Many tables for the afternoon tea  
    • Laughter and good humor guaranteed
    • Casual clothes and sports shoes required