Natural Escape Game : Solve the park’s mysteries !

    An incredible connected and outside adventure, to live with your family or friends. In a team of 6 people maximum and using an iPad using geolocation and augmented reality. Divide the roles so that you pool your knowledge and solve all the mysteries.

    The Wizard’s School (à partir de 8 ans): Today is the big day of admissions to the academy of magic, so as to test you, the great Archmage Magnus Ophazahr has cast a powerful spell on you and your entrance exam is to craft a strange antidote to break the curse… Be careful ! It will not be that easy, the necessary ingredients are hidden in the forest and jealously guarded by malicious Myconids … 

    The secret of the Templar (à partir de 12 ans) : A legend said that B. Lockwood bought the estate near his mansion, because strange events would take place there in the Middle Ages… Will you be able to follow the trail that the Templars left behind? Can you find what is hidden deep in the forest? And will you finally unlock the secret of the Templar? 

    Natural Escape Game
    picto activite
    • 6 people maximum per team
    • Duration : from 1h30 to 2h
    • An iPad will lead you through the wild forest !
    • Casual clothes and sports shoes required
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